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Rain Gutter Installation in Baltimore

Installing and Maintaining Your Rain Gutters

At Alternative Roofing, Inc., we know that no roof is complete without a functional gutter system. As a Maryland roofing company, we install gutters and downspouts for our roof replacement clients, as well as homeowners who just want their old gutters replaced. Our experienced contractors can help you choose gutters that fit into your home’s exterior, are durable, and are easy to maintain.

Looking for a low-maintenance gutter system? We can install gutters with gutter guards to prevent leaves and debris from getting inside the gutters. This is a perfect solution for homes surrounded by tall trees that constantly shed foliage that clogs the gutters. With gutter guards, you won’t have to clean your gutters ever again.

Why Gutters Are So Important

Although they may seem insignificant, gutters do a very important job: they collect runoff water from the roof and direct it away from your home through a series of channels. By doing this, the gutters and downspouts solve many problems, such as:

  • Prevent water from running down the side of the building and damaging siding, windows, fascia, and soffits.
  • Prevent water from forming a stream and causing soil erosion and damage to your decorative landscaping.
  • Prevent water from pooling around your home’s foundations and causing leaks in your basement or crawl space.

In addition to this, gutters also allow you to collect rainwater for later use, which is a great way to conserve natural resources. It’s essential for gutters to function properly in order for all of the above to happen.

Alternative Roofing, Inc. offers the installation of high-quality, seamless, and non-seamless durable gutter systems made of copper, aluminum, and other materials.

If you are not sure which gutter system to choose, we can offer a professional recommendation. We make sure that gutters are installed securely and that downspouts are long enough to channel the water away from your home.

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