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Proper Roof Ventilation

New Roof? Ask About Ventilation

A good roof contractor will tell you it is important that you have proper roof ventilation, and it is essential for preserving the life span of your new roof. Air ventilation for the roof is all about circulation to keep it fresh and reduce moisture levels from getting too high. Having a high moisture level can cause the roof to produce mold as well as cause problems for the wood that makes up your roof. In order to prevent this from happening, proper roof ventilation and airflow are vital.

Roof Ventilation Problems

When it comes to your roof, small problems can lead to big problems. You may think that having poor roof ventilation is not important, but it is vital to keep the roof of your house in good condition. A well-ventilated roof will help maintain keep your home in good condition and free from structural damage. You wouldn’t want a leak on your roof that causes your house to flood with rainwater.

When the attic gets too hot, and if the hot air stays in the attic for a long period of time, the heat can break down shingles. To top it off, most manufacturers will void your warranty if you don’t have proper roof ventilation.

New Roof Ventilation In Maryland

Moisture can lead to much damage: Besides keeping the hot air out, it is important to ensure there is little to no moisture accumulating underneath your roof deck. Moisture can create many undesirable situations – rusted nails weaken and break, mold and fungi will develop, and the roof deck would deteriorate.

Ice Dam: During the winter season, you have to prevent snow from prematurely thawing and creating an ice dam. An ice dam occurs when the snow on the roof thaws quickly and freezes again underneath the roof. This will eventually damage the shingles and cause them to wear off.

In order to create proper ventilation, air must flow in and out of the house. It is common sense that roofs with poor ventilation will have a lower lifespan as compared to those with better ventilation. The better result comes from a properly ventilated roof at all points of the structure.

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