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Preventative Roof Maintenance

How Alternative Roofing Can Help Maintain Your Roof

Although commercial roofing is designed to be tough and withstand all sorts of rough weather conditions, it’s not meant to last forever. And its lifespan directly depends on how well you maintain it. At Alternative Roofing, Inc., we know what kind of maintenance each roofing material requires and how to prolong the life of your commercial roofing system. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about a thing: we can put you on a maintenance schedule and take care of the rest.

What’s Included in Roof Maintenance

  • Inspections: Regular inspections are a big part of roof maintenance. Without a thorough look-through, it’s impossible to tell what kind of maintenance your roof needs. Think of it as pulling out a dipstick and checking the oil in your car. If it’s low or dirty, that means it’s time for maintenance.
  • Protective coating: Some roofs may benefit from a protective coating that seals the surface of the roof, providing a shield against the UV rays and covering all the tiny cracks and crevices. Many different types of commercial roof coating products can enhance your roof on many different levels.
  • Timely repairs: Detecting and fixing problems in the early stages is the key to a successful roof maintenance plan. Cracking sealant and damaged flashing are the first signs of trouble that can be easily addressed before they result in a leak.

What is a Good Roof Maintenance Schedule?

Commercial roofing is different from residential when it comes to maintenance frequency. First of all, most commercial roofs are flat, which means they are more prone to standing water issues and debris and snow accumulation. Second of all, commercial roofs often experience a good deal of foot traffic. Whether it’s HVAC maintenance or plumbing vent repair, footsteps do affect the membrane. It’s recommended to have your commercial roof inspected once or twice a year, but the exact schedule will depend on the age of your roof and the type of roofing system.

If you want to stop leaks before they happen, contact us today for commercial roof maintenance in Maryland.

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