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Poor Roof Ventilation Can Be Costly

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Signs Of Poor Roof Ventilation

Poor roof ventilation may seem like a small problem, but it can lead to high utility bills and expensive repairs if not dealt with right away. It is important that you know how ventilated your roof is. Here are signs of poor roof ventilation.

High energy costs

If your energy costs are very high, you may be suffering from poor roof and attic ventilation. Poor ventilation will trap hot air in your attic, making your interior hotter and causing your air-conditioning system to work harder. Moisture in the attic can accumulate and condense on the beams. The moisture can drip down onto your insulation and lessen its efficiency, increasing your energy costs.

Excessive Heat

Poor roof ventilation means there’s no way for the heat from the sun and the heat rising from the rest of your house to escape. Heat is instead pushed download into your house, increasing not only the temperature but also your energy bills as the air-conditioning system needs to work harder.

Leak In The Attic

Look at your attic for any signs of a leak after wind-driven rain or a strong storm. Water can also enter your house due to ice damming. This can happen if the flashing has deteriorated or if you don’t have enough shingle underlayment.

Dirty Looking Spots on The roof

If you see dirty-looking spots on your roof, this could mean that your roof has mold, algae, vegetation, or fungus growth. It is also possible that the protective granules of the shingles have been lost. While this does not mean that you need to replace the entire roof, these stains can reduce your home’s curb appeal.

Stains on the walls and interior ceilings

If there are stains or mold growing in your home, it may be due to defective or poor shingle underlayment that is letting water seep into your house. Poor ventilation can also cause this problem. Inadequate ventilation can cause excessive moisture, conditions that mildew and mold love and thrive in.


Moisture can cause the roof’s metal components, such as nails, to rust and even break, which can result in losing shingles. It can also cause the venting duct straps and plumbing to rust and break.

Exterior Decay

Poor roof and attic ventilation can cause exterior decay. However, any condition that leads to excess moisture can be the cause of decay. You can place a vapor barrier between the inside of your house and the insulation to solve this problem. This can lessen the amount of moisture that enters the walls. It also helps the moisture escape from the walls.

Peeling or Blistering Paint

If your exterior or interior paint is peeling or blistering, you may be suffering from poor roof ventilation. This is likely caused by moisture trapped in the house due to high humidity or excessive temperature from improper attic ventilation. Remember that the air in your attic should flow freely to reduce humidity. There should be a vent in areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

So, these are just some of the signs of poor roof ventilation. When you see any of these signs, try to solve them as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. Give expert, trusted roof contractors a call for a free roof evaluation

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