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How Summer Weather Can Impact Your Roof

Summer Extremes

In Maryland, summer can be brutal; we could experience sweltering heat, devastating thunderstorms, and even large hail. Describing Maryland weather as extreme is a bit of an understatement. This summer could be a scorcher – did you know that the intense heat and heavy rain can have a damaging effect on your roof?

Summer months are generally warm to hot. Prolonged high temperatures can ultimately cause damage to your roof. Depending on the direction your roof faces, you may be more exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, which is cause for concern. Prolonged heat exposure can cause cracks or curling of shingles and deterioration of the weak spots on your roof deck. If you are concerned about your roof being affected, a roof coating is one easy option that can prevent heat-related damage, you should also have your roof regularly inspected. We recommend once a year to catch any weak spots before they become worse.

Humidity is Moisture

Humidity, it’s that unbearable wet and hot air that we Marylanders deal with almost all summer long. Humidity doesn’t just make you uncomfortable and cause your hair to frizz, it also can cause damage to your home. Humidity can lead to condensation on your roof, which may then cause water damage; this weakens the roof and, over time, leads to cracks. At Alternative Roofing, we know what it takes to properly waterproof when installing a new roof. There are special materials that prevent water and moisture from becoming a problem.

Rain and Hail Beats Up Your Roof

Rain and hail they’re something we don’t always think about when considering our roof. Most roofs are built to withstand normal amounts of rain, but it is the heavy tropical storm-type winds, rain, and hail that may wind up becoming a factor. Waterproofing and regular inspections are required to stay on top of roof health and ensure that it is ready for extreme weather.

Because we are an experienced and licensed roofer with over 18 years of experience in Maryland, we know what it takes to weatherproof a roof for the worst kinds of weather. We use the best weatherproofing materials and are committed to high quality and great customer service.Contact us today to learn more about weatherproofing or for a quote on a new roof! Call 410-489-9000

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